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The BMW 5-Series Touring

BMW is very famous. It has the luxury cars for people who can buy very expensive cars and the not-so-cheap cars for people who are not very reach and the not-so-expensive cars.
The BMW 5-Series Touring 1
The 5-series Touring is an luxury car which can run very fast. It costs from £33,010 to £50,920. The price is not suitable for everyone. However, if you pay that amount of money for this car, you will not feel regret later.
Because the current 575-hp M5 is inhibited from posting quicker acceleration numbers by limited (rear-drive) traction, BMW uses the same tire treads with Mercedes-Benz and Audi, and adds four-wheel drive. The 5-series keeps the current 4.4-liter V-8, but with output boosted past 600 horsepower. The models before 5-series retained their current turbocharger with four- and six-cylinder engines. A new turbocharger 4.0-liter V-8 is likely and would be brought in line with BMW’s current 500-cc-per-cylinder strategy.
The BMW 5-Series Touring 2
BMW intends to go for a slightly more simply look than Audi. It’s smart – so long as you can avoid some of the ugly options with bad designs – but doesn’t have quite the blend of sophistication and simplicity that Audi manages so well. Building quality is high-level, though, and the 5-Series’ four seat will easily make you feel so comfortable. But the middle seat is a bit of a squeeze. BMW’s also introduced cool digital dials for 2014, upping the tech count further.
The BMW 5-Series Touring 6
The BMW 5-Series Touring 7
The BMW 5-Series Touring 5
At 119g/km CO2, the 520d is now so green, there’s no need for a green EfficientDynamics model. The 5-Series should offer bulletproof reliability. BMW’s stop-start technology is well authenticated nowadays, and there aren’t too many complicated electronics anywhere else. If you’re a company car buyer, the 5-Series is the best choice for you in this class, no else car can be so suitable for you like BMW 5-series.
The BMW 5-Series Touring 3
Nearly no one buys a petrol 5-Series, so you’d expect that the diesel choice have to be excellent. It is. Top of the list of brilliance is the 535d, but the 520d of the 5-series that most buy won’t make you feel disappointed. It’s very quiet and fast enough for everyday driving situations. There’s a extended version badged 518d for 2014 too, which is cheaper, but its 145bhp output doesn’t sound sufficient to us. If there is not any traffic light race, it will yawn from the beginning to 0-60mph in 9.7 seconds.
The BMW 5-Series Touring 4

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