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Bentley Flying Spur

Once you saw a Bentley passing by, you will never forget its appearance. It has been very famous for its designs. All the Bentley cars have impressive designs that can’t be mistaken with any other car, which has becomes the symbol of the Bentley brand.
Bentley Flying Spur 1
Only in the fairy tales that Bentley would be considered as a $200,000 car as an “entry-level” sedan, but that’s the logic in the land of the super –rich people. With these engines nobody in the middle class can afford a Bentley or maintain it. Based on the Continental, the Flying Spur offers a 500-hp twin-turbo V-8 for the merely rich and a 616-hp twin-turbo W-12 for the truly wealthy. Both feature an eight-speed auto, all-wheel drive, and a hand-sewn interior to please even the most fastidious customers.
The distance between the wheels across the front axle is 2cm more than before, and 3.5cm greater at the rear, giving it a more confident stance. It still has air suspension, and furthermore, the air suspension is 10-13 per cent softer than before. The suspension bushes are 25-38 per cent softer. All of this has been upgraded form the weak point of the former generation.
Bentley Flying Spur 3
Bentley Flying Spur 6
Bentley has a luxury appearance. There are four modes of the suspension: Comfort at one end, Sport at the other, with two in-between settings. Full Comfort mode is to loosen body movements without becoming too squishy. Full Sport tightens things up without becoming harsh. However, you have to toggle between modes by stabbing at the infotainment screen, which means you take your eyes off the road rather than feeling for a switch or button. This can become a very dangerous circumstance, accident may occur when you distract from driving. Still, the new settings help the Spur feel more balanced, and a touch more deliberate in its movements, perhaps. And except for when you’re absolutely standing on the brakes or asking it to properly attack a tight corner, this never really feels like a 2.5-tonne car, which is perhaps its greatest dynamic achievement.
Bentley Flying Spur 5
The V12 S65 isn’t exactly the better choice, but on the contrary to others in the same class, this bigger engine and higher price says that ‘I’m king’. For the Bentley, though, the V8 may not say ‘I’m king’, but it does say ‘I’m smarter’. The V8 is such a good engine that the W12 exists for one. The reason is very simple with two words only: bragging rights. You can still spec up the V8 with the Mulliner pack (pushing the price to £145,800), but regardless you still won’t have the top model.
Bentley Flying Spur 4
Bentley Flying Spur 2
In the U.S., customers can easily afford the V-8 engine in the Continental coupe and convertible, and nearly 50 percent of the customers proves it possesses an appeal beyond its modest cost saving. The Flying Spur V-8 confirms that, when it comes to Bentleys, less really can be more.

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