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Fiat 124 Spider

The Fiat 124 Spider is a good autos. It’s got a bigger boot, a butcher look, and essentially a bigger punch under the bonnet. The Fiat 124 Spider seems to become a long-awaited car. It sounds like it is worthy waiting for this car to be released. To be frankly, if Fiat had screwed up Mazda MX-5 ingredients, it’d have been a pretty spectacular own-goal, but they haven’t and instead it’s a surprisingly interesting alternative. The extra flashes of chrome inside do lift the cabin ambience.
Fiat 124 Spider 1
Fiat 124 Spider 5
When the surprisingly lightweight fourth-generation MX-5 Miata of Mazda was released to the market, it immediately turned out to be an obsessive campaign to cut needless mass in the tiny sports car. The measures and comparisons here is unfair but for one of our favorites: the 2016 Miata’s pared-back, clipped corners. Looking at Fiat’s all-new and Miata-based 124 Spider, you will realize that the Italians didn’t take much care for making it a little lighter and bringing the Fiat 124 Spider smoother corner.
Fiat 124 Spider 3
The 124 Spider uses Mazda’s user-friendly system, but with Fiat graphics. Figuring out the interior, the 124 Spider looks like a Miata in nicer clothing. Without the clothing, all the others feature is quite different from the Miata, for example, stitching patterns, bolstering, the seats’ shape, and cloth upholstery. While the overall dashboard shape is the same, the upper part is covered with a soft-touch material, also used on the upper door panels. With the trim levels, they added extensive use of satin-chrome to finish lends and make the more modern. The manual convertible top on all models has acoustic ­insulation and a nice inner liner, which Mazda ­provides only on the Grand Touring version of the Miata. Chrysler’s Uconnect infotainment system isn’t compatible with Mazda’s hardware.
Fiat 124 Spider 4
Fiat 124 Spider 2
It is said that Fiat has made the 124 Spider the best convertible car. Certainly Fiat’s first and last attempts are to give the 124 Spider an injection of Latin character, because bodywork are 100 percent Italian and the turbocharged 1.4-litre engine. Fiat claims that every panel of the 124 Spider you can see is unique and overall the newcomer does a good job of hiding its Japanese roots. It’s 139mm longer and 10m wider than the car it has based on, while the narrow trapezoidal grille and small power bulges in the bonnet are neat nods to the Sixties original. Fiat said that they haven’t been ready to shoot this car to the market yet, because the trim levels haven’t finished yet, but entry-level cars will get 16-inch alloys, while more expensive versions will get 17-inch rims.

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